Hubs and Rim Choices


Talon wheels are the ultimate combination of strength and reliability. Your choice of Talon hubs combined with superb Excel rims from Japan Talon Rims & Signature Rims from UK or SM Pro Platinum, held together with high quality stainless steel spokes and nipples. We also carry vast stocks of spokes for most applications, from standard OEM hubs through to Talon hub fitments.


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Carbon Hubs are also available on selected models


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SM Pro and Excel RIms are available on selected models


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Go that extra bling, with the splash effect



Coloured nipples can be the finishing BLING that will really make your wheels stand out from the madness. Manufactured from high quality alloy and anodised in Blue, Black, Gold, Red, Violet or orange, they really set a wheel off !



Bling Wheels coloured spokes are a great way to to customise your wheels. We manufare them using strong grade stainless steel. A coloured coating is then applied to the sgtainless spokes n order to give them their funky new look. The coating process we use is similar to anodizing so very strong. Bling Wheels coloured spokes are available in Red, Black, Gold or Blue and are other colours are available but will be powder coated which is a very durable coating.



DLC and Rainbow Nitride finish on your spokes. £2.20 per spoke including nipples. Please note if you require this doing to old spokes, they must be stainless steel and be in good condition.




Wheel Prices for all Models
Talon Hubs and colured SMpro rim or Signature Rims Wheels, Talon Hubs and Coloured SM Pro Platinum Rims Wheels, Talon Hubs and Coloured Excel rims Wheels, Talon Hubs with NEW Talon ARC rims
Senior MotoX Wheels
21" front Mx wheel
19" or 18" rear wheel
Pair of Mx wheels
£ Not available
£ 560 £675 £625
Junior MotoX wheels
19" Front Wheel
16" Rear Wheel
Pair of the above
17" Front Wheel
14" Rear Wheel
Pair of the above
Mini MotoX Wheels
With Tyres,Tubes, rim locks and Fittings
14" Front Wheel
12" Rear Wheel
12" Front Wheel
10" Rear Wheel
Pair of the above
Chargeable Extras
Half/half fade
£30.00 per wheel
any colour
Powder coated coloured Spokes
£25 extra per wheel
Any colour
Please note we can not powder coat the nipples  
Prowel Alloy coloured nipples
£20 per wheel
any colour
Powder Coated hubs
£25.00 per Hub
any colour
Powder coated Rims
£30.00 per rim
any colour
Spoke re-furb
£15 per wheel, acid dipped and polished
Build on your own hubs
With your own spokes
With New Stainless Spokes
Delivery 4-5 working days
upto 20 kg = TNT £15.00
Highlands & islands = TNT / YODEL £20.00




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